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The most important aspect of a mobile Dutch house is how you stay and relax in it. A good rest is ensured by comfortable bedroom furniture and ergonomic furniture that will accommodate all the things needed to spend time successfully. More and more people choose a Dutch house as a year-round house, so the furniture must be designed so that it meets the requirements of everyday life and looks elegant and modern at the same time. Our furniture is made of renowned SWISSKRONO boards.

We divide the color options of furniture into:
- wood-like furniture boards
- mono-colored furniture boards
- tops

Furniture constructions are available in two options. In the standard and LUX option.
The LUX option provides larger, higher and built-in wardrobes and cabinets to the ceiling.





The standard of the house always includes kitchen furniture. The standard consists of a post in which there is a preparation for a gas stove or an 80L boiler is installed. Cabinet 45cm, cabinet 53cm with round stainless steel sink, cabinet 40cm. Then a 60cm cabinet, on which there is a gas hob, the cabinet is equipped with a drawer. Next to the gas hob is a tall fridge with a freezer, the fridge can be tall, medium and under counter. Above the countertop are two hanging cabinets and a hood.

As additional options are:
- granite square sink
- oven, microwave and microwave with oven function
- electric or induction hob
- hood in the furniture
- dishwasher 45cm or 60cm
- slim washing machine (under the boiler or in an additional cabinet)
- additional drawers
- cargo cabinet
- a furniture board on the wall between the countertop and hanging cabinets
- LED lighting under the cabinets
- possibility of mounting to the ceiling

Kitchens can be equipped with additional standing and hanging cabinets, pillars and a bar island. It is also possible to prepare for any equipment indicated by the customer.


In our cottages, the standard equipment of the cottage is a large double bed 160 cm wide and 80 cm beds, which can be reduced or increased depending on the needs. The main bedroom is equipped with a large wardrobe 45 cm deep with sliding doors, bedside tables and a hanging cabinet above the bed. In the children's room, apart from the beds, we will find a small bedside table and hanging cabinets.
The furniture in the rooms can be replaced with LUX furniture.

LUX type furniture is characterized by ergonomic use of all free wall space in the rooms. The cabinets are higher and wider, making them more capacious than standard cabinets. With LUX buildings, there is also a furniture board under them, which can be made in any color chosen by the customer.

As additional options are:
- a dressing table/desk with a hanging cabinet and lighting under the cabinet
- LED lighting under the cabinets
- beds with a container for bedding
- LUX building
- furniture board on the entire wall
- a wardrobe with a depth of 60 cm
- mirror on the front of the wardrobe
- the possibility of modernization of any piece of furniture




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