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In our mobile homes, we distinguish 3 possible ways of heating them.

The first option is central heating, which uses a boiler and standard radiators. This is by far the cheapest option that we can heat our house. On our part, the manufacturer of mobile homes, when choosing this option, we only offer preparation for a gas oven.

The second way to heat our house is electric heating. It involves the use of electric radiators to heat rooms and a boiler to heat water. This is by far the easiest, most convenient and slightly more expensive option than gas heating.

The last choice that can provide heat in rooms is underfloor heating. Underfloor heating involves the use of a heating system in the floor, in our case these are high-quality heating mats. This method is very efficient because the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. An additional advantage is the possibility of hiding radiators, which gives more space and increases the aesthetics of the interior. When choosing this option, it is required that high-quality vinyl panels, resistant to all weather conditions, are installed together with underfloor heating. Such panels are in our offer.

In addition to each of these options, it is possible to install air conditioning with heating function. The advantages of such a solution are multifunctionality, thanks to which it can both heat and cool the room depending on the needs.

It is also possible to prepare and adapt the house for photovoltaic panels, which together with electric heating will create a fully energy-saving and self-sufficient house.



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