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is an innovative solution for people looking for a comfortable and functional place for a short or longer stay. This mobile home provides a comfortable stay for a group of 4 to 8 people and comes in two variants: with two or three bedrooms.

For both rental and private use, the Kea mobile home is an excellent choice for families or groups who want to enjoy their leisure time in a friendly, cozy and functional environment.


Kea is a mobile and functional house that is ideal as a place to live or rent for a large family or group of friends. Inside the house there is a spacious living room where you can freely spend time with your loved ones. Right at the entrance to the house there is a cupboard for jackets, so there is no need to keep them on furniture or armchairs.

The living room in the Kea mobile home is spacious and designed to provide maximum comfort to users. The living room also has a kitchenette, which is equipped with household appliances, such as a stove, fridge and sink. The kitchenette has been designed so that it can be used in a comfortable way, and at the same time does not take up too much space.

From the living room we get to the children's bedroom, which is intended for the youngest inhabitants of the house. This bedroom has two beds, a wardrobe with a hanger, a bedside table and a wall cabinet. Thanks to this, children will have their own space where they will feel free and comfortable.

On the other side of the living room there is a wide corridor from which we have access to two bathrooms and a large bedroom. The first bathroom contains a toilet, sink and shower, which ensures comfortable use of the bathroom for all residents of the house. The additional bathroom contains a toilet and a sink, which is very convenient when there are many people in the house.

From the corridor we also get to the master bedroom, which is intended for adult residents of the house. This bedroom is equipped with a wardrobe, a large bed, bedside tables and a cabinet hanging above the bed. Thanks to this, adults will have their own space where they can rest and relax after an eventful day.

Kea is an ideal place to live all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

Kea has:
- a large living room
- bedrooms
- children's room or two rooms
- bathroom
- an additional toilet
- kitchenette




If Santiago is what you're looking for, but you need to make some changes, there's nothing stopping you from creating and ordering your own model!



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