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Edria is a modern mobile house, inspired by the design of a barn, which offers a spacious living room with a kitchenette, two or three bedrooms (including one on the mezzanine) and a functional bathroom. With a unique terrace as an integral part, this place harmoniously combines simplicity with modern style.

It is perfect for families looking for a mobile home for permanent residence, as well as for people who want to create a cozy place for summer relaxation or offer it for rent, appreciating design and comfort of life.


Edria is a mobile house with a unique character that combines modern design with a subtle reference to the traditional form of a barn. From the outside, the building looks stylish, with geometric shapes and attention to detail. The terrace, an integral part of the house, encourages you to spend time outdoors, harmoniously combining the interior space with the surroundings.
  A window display with balcony doors constitutes an impressive entrance to the house, bringing plenty of natural light into the interior. After crossing the threshold, you find yourself in a spacious living room.

When you step through the door of Edria Cottage, you are immediately greeted by the warmth of natural light that streams in through the large windows. In the living room that stretches out in front of you, you will feel like you are in a cozy nest, surrounded by modern design and comfort.

The kitchenette, located in one corner of the living room, is the heart of this place. Equipped with everything needed for cooking, it creates an atmosphere of openness and shared space. Right next to it, you will notice a stylish staircase leading to the mezzanine, which adds a bit more space and flexibility to the interior.

The mezzanine, accessible via a charming staircase, offers additional space for use according to your needs. It's the perfect place for an additional bedroom, a work room, or a relaxation corner where you can hide away with your favorite book.

Going further, you reach the bathroom, where a shower and functional furniture create a place of relaxation and hygiene. Here, every detail was taken care of, ensuring a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

As you take further steps, you discover two bedrooms, each of which is an individual enclave of peace. Comfortable beds, large windows and thoughtful arrangement of furniture make these places an oasis of peace and privacy.

Edria has:
- bedroom x2
- additional mezzanine
- bathroom
- kitchenette
- lots of high and wide glazing
- living room with access to the terrace
- terrace

In this model, each room can be freely configured.




If Santiago is what you're looking for, but you need to make some changes, there's nothing stopping you from creating and ordering your own model!



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