Our offer of year-round mobile homes has been divided into:
standard, premium, own houses and sanitary facilities.
Mobile Homes offer

Mobile Homes – Premium

Mobile Homes - Premium , are built on the basis of standard mobile homes. They have a modern external and internal appearance.
Mobile Homes offer

Mobile Homes – Standard

Mobile Homes - Standard , it is an offer in which there are systems checked by us and our customers. The houses are built on a steel frame and it is possible to freely personalize the layout of the rooms and equipment. On the other hand, standard houses, marked with the symbol (G), are not subject to modifications to the layout of the rooms.
Mobile Homes offer

Mobile Homes – Sanitary facilities

Mobile Homes - Sanitary facilities are projects that are designed to meet sanitary needs, such as toilets, washrooms, showers and others. They can be located, among others, in parks, beaches and campuses.
Mobile Homes offer

Mobile Homes – Own

Mobile Homes - Own , this is a proposal for people who have not found in our offer a layout that satisfies them. In this case, we are able to create any arrangement according to customer requirements.