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is a modern version of the standard shape of a mobile home. Its appearance is characterized by a minimalist style, simple lines and a lot of high glazing in the living room, which gives it an elegant look and allows a lot of natural light into the interior.

Koos is a modern and elegant mobile home that combines functionality and aesthetics while maintaining the standard shape of a mobile home. A lot of glazing in the living room allows you to enjoy beautiful views, and the minimalist style gives it a modern look.


The Koos mobile home is an ideal solution for people who want to live in a modern and functional house with a small size. The Koos house uses many innovative solutions that make living in it comfortable and pleasant.

After entering the house through the wide glazing, we are immediately in the large living room, which is connected to the kitchenette. This space has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and functionality. The kitchenette has been built in the shape of the letter L, which allows you to save space, and at the same time to use it comfortably. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare meals, including a stove, fridge, sink and cupboards and shelves for dishes and kitchen equipment. Right at the entrance to the house there is a tall cupboard where you can hang up your outerwear and hide your shoes.

The living room at the Koos cottage is heavily glazed, making it bright and airy. The living room has three exits, including balcony doors, which allow easy access to the surrounding nature and sunlight. The living room also has furniture such as a sofa, bookshelf and TV and hanging shelves. All this makes the living room an ideal place to rest and relax.

Passing through the corridor, we can get to three rooms. The first one is a children's room, which was designed with the needs of the youngest residents of the house in mind. The room has two beds, a bedside table, a hanging cabinet and a tall wardrobe with a clothes hanger. It is an ideal place for children to rest, play and learn.

The next room is the bathroom, which, despite its small size, offers many amenities. The bathroom has a high and wide wardrobe, in which the water heating system has been hidden, which saves space. The bathroom also has a hanging toilet, built-in sink, shower and heater. All this makes using the bathroom comfortable and pleasant.

The wide bedroom in the Koos mobile home is a place where you can relax after a long day.
Next to the bed there are bedside cabinets where you can store small items such as books, an alarm clock or a bedside lamp. Above the bed, on the wall, there is a hanging cabinet that allows you to store various items. By one of the walls there is a wide and deep wardrobe with a hanger. This wardrobe provides enough space for clothes, so you can store not only everyday clothes, but also seasonal items.
Next to the wardrobe there is a dressing table with a hanging cabinet and a mirror. The dressing table is a very useful piece of furniture that allows you to comfortably perform everyday rituals.
On the other side of the living room, opposite the bed, there is a high display case that allows you to go outside the house. This display case is made of large glass panels, which allows a lot of natural light to enter the bedroom and provides a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Koos has:
- a lot of high glazing
- 3 exits from the living room
- salon
- L-shaped kitchenette
- bathroom
- children's room
- a wide bedroom with access to the terrace


From the left, living room, kitchen, corridor, children's room, bathroom and bedroom.



If Santiago is what you're looking for, but you need to make some changes, there's nothing stopping you from creating and ordering your own model!



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